• IC 1396 Elephant trunk nebula in dualband
    Show full image It has taken me 3-4 scattered night sessions to get these 4 hours of data. Mist and clouds came up around midnight every night. I normally do ony L-Enhance filter on nebulas, but this time I mixed in a part without filter. I took the stars from this part. Of course I… Read more: IC 1396 Elephant trunk nebula in dualband
  • The moon 6-7 days after new moon
    Show full image For the full picture I stacked 15% of frames acquired during 60 s @ 132 FPS and native focal length. Stacking in Autostakkert and wavelet sharpening in Registax. Mosaic of three frames stitched in ICE. Videos acquired around 22:00 – 22:45 which in my case means more or less full daylight. Seeing… Read more: The moon 6-7 days after new moon
  • NGC 2264 Cone Nebula
    Show full image This nebula is very nice. I did not know about it until very recently before I imaged it. It is located in the constellation Monoceros. The image also includes the so called Christmas Tree cluster. Sometimes a Fox Fur nebula and a Snowflake nebula is also mentioned within this complex. There is… Read more: NGC 2264 Cone Nebula
  • Medulla nebula – CTB 1 – Abell 85
    Show full image This is a supernova remnant in the constellation Cassiopeia. Basic astronomical data on the object is sparse to find, but recent information indicates a distance of approximately 6500 ly and an age of about 10 000 years. The size is approximately 1/100 of the distance. However, data are rather uncertain. It has… Read more: Medulla nebula – CTB 1 – Abell 85
  • Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF)
    Show full image This comet was visible in the southeast in the early morning when the image was taken. This image was acquired early on Christmas Eve. I had the telescope out all night and had a lot of frost on the rig, possibly also on the secondary mirror. The FWHM was not ideal. I… Read more: Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF)