Equipment and processing

If nothing else is stated I am using this equipment.


Telescope: Skywatcher Explorer 150 PDS  (150 mm Newton f/5)

Camera: A Canon EOS 1100D astro modified  camera was used up until August 2022. From September 2022 I am using a RisingCam ATR3CMOS26000KPA dedicated astro camera. The camera is a color camera with a cooled Sony IMX 2571 sensor.

Mount: Celestron Advanced VX.

Guidescope: Orion Mini 50 mm

Guidecamera: QHYCCD  QHY5III290

Coma Corrector: Baader Planetarium MPCC MK III

Dual bandpass filter (typically used for nebulas): Optolong L-Enhance. This filter has one band that passes Hα and one that passes OIII and Hβ. 


I do polar alignment with Sharp Cap Pro. I control my scope and camera with NINA and guiding is done with PHD2. The plate solve and sequencing funtionalities of NINA are very helpful and time saving.

Calibration and stacking is usually done with Astro Pixel Processor. Typically I use flats, dark flats and darks. Postprocessing is done in PixInsight, and finally some last fixes in Gimp or Affinity Photo.